about week 1

It’s been 8 days since we played game 1 two Sundays ago.  Some thoughts:

I’m cautious about Wentz.  Looked good, played well, but . . . will that be what we see every week?  I hope so but doubt it.  Why?  Learning curve, heightened opposition, pressures to excel week after week, injuries forcing new players in that lack the rhythm and timing.

In other words, no 16 – 0 expectation here.

I always say let’s wait 4 games and we’ll see what we have.  This season I say wait 8 games.

My biggest concern is not the players.  It’s HC Pederson.  Is he more Andy Reid than we like?  Pederson learned under Reid and *only* Reid.  This suggests he has the same biases and blind spots Reid has.  Will we see the same bad clock management, same bad press conferences, same blind spots for WRs and LBs, same bad game day coaching?  One game does not say enough about these concerns.

The front office is learning on the job.  I’m seeing 6 wins.  I hope I’m wrong (of course), but after decades of football with this team . . . nah, 6 wins.