Philadelphia Eagles: the 2016 season is here

Tampadelphia and other Eagles fans . . . .

It’s here!  Kickoff on game 1 vs. the Browns, 1pm, Crowne Plaza on Kennedy, bring your passion, heart and Eagles loyalty!

This is our 2nd year at the Crowne Plaza (CP).  We have a modified menu with some new items, beer wine and mixed drink specials, raffle and more.

But the star of the show will be our Eagles.  As you know, Tampadelphia is about the best game day possible for us, the fans, who work all year, cheer loyally and need those few weekend hours to enjoy a game with our team.  It’s about friends, family, comfort, good food and no brawls or drunk guys getting hammered because we didn’t make a play.  It’s about the players, the game plan, the competition and good times across the table and across the room.

All of it with plenty of large, clean restrooms, award winning cleanliness, plenty of parking, plenty of cold A/C, a kiddie pool for the youngsters and a big one for mom to relax, a lot of TVs and exclusively 100% Eagles fans.

We keep the bar high, so join us this weekend.  With capacity over 300 we have plenty of chairs for you in the main room of diehards, at a long bar, or in cozy chairs at smaller tables.

Eagles.  Tampadelphia.  Fun.  It’s all for you.  GO EAGLES!!!!