Bengals at Tampadelphia

Ladies and Gentlemen of Tampadelphia:

Tomorrow, 1 pm.  Come and support our team.  I have things to do too but this is my golden time to see pals and relax with a game.

You know our story:

  •  good venue, clean and large (seats up to 400)
  • food and drink specials
  • fresh food, not frozen and fried.  Scrumptious, made by real chefs not a “cook”
  • plenty of servers
  • large clean well lit men’s and ladies rooms
  • plenty of parking, A/C and security
  • exclusive Eagles crowd, so no brawls to worry about
  • mommies and family most welcome
  • fun and prizes
  • a large crowd, passionate, loud, and loyal
  • by us, for us because we deserve better than a dive bar or back room
  • total support from our management and staff
  • one of the largest Eagles groups in Florida and in the US, certainly one of the oldest
  • no dues, no cover, no fees, just show up and cheer