Can we get better?

That’s the question.

The answer: not for this season.

How about for next season?

The answer: maybe.

It depends on:

  •  our ability to judge talent
  • our football smarts to change our offense and game plans to best use our player skills
  • our willingness to change from the 1995 WCO we run now to something better
  • our owner to press the coaches to perform.

I’m an accountability guy, so I expect the same effort I would extend to get results needed to keep my multi-million dollar job. And I don’t like excuses.

So my friends who argue and offer excuses . . . ok, we can’t do anything more now, so we have to wait for next year.

But I think we’re in the same exact problem spot this time next year.

We all hope I’m wrong. But the odds are on my side.