Eagles 2017 thoughts and questions

I saw my first Eagles game in 1960 with the menfolk in our family and watched more and more over the years.  That’s alotta football and alotta Eagles.  So after the dues paid and education along the way here’s what’s on my mind.  Reply why if you disagree.

  •  6 wins or 8 wins … no matter it’s the same to me.  I expect .500 at best while we strip and rebuild again.  So my focus is on certain players and formations and play calling.
  •  HC Doug already said he’s not making any changes to the playbook so the defensive coordinators in the NFCE already know our plays which is dumb dumb dumb.  That puts the burden on our own defensive coordinator to stop the opponents from scoring more points on us than we do on them.  This with a weak secondary.  So we’ll watch.
  •  We had  a  very good draft.  But you can’t fill every position of need at once.  So expect a mediocre year and let’s finish the roster building next season.
  •  Do our coaches really coach and teach?  Or do they say to learn the playbook and walk away?  I hope our DBs and WRs coach put in a lot of overtime.
  • Finally I’m behind our guys and hope they exceed my realistic expectations.  So join me…..