Tampadelphia game 3: NJG at Eagles

Here it is fellow diehards, a decisive game in the early season.

If we win, we take first place with a 2-1 record, 2-0 in division contests.  And likely kill the NJG playoff chances, as very few teams ever made the playoffs with an 0-3 record.

The key, same old thing … the lines! The Eagles need to keep the NJG D off Wentz and we need to beat up Eli.

To that end, I think we do. We’re only 2 games into this season, and we need 4 games to see what we have. I believe HC DP is still tinkering with men in positions.

If it works we could be a competitor in the NFCE. If it doesn’t then HR needs to hang for giving away our decent backups on the OL of Barbre and Tobin.

Good luck Eagles! Work and don’t quit working for 60 minutes.

Enjoy the tension at Tampadelphia, the best place to experience your game day in Tampa since 1994.

Go Eagles!