Eagles Super Bowl at Tampadelphia

Tampadelphia! Saturday, 27 Jan 18 and we are over 300 reservations already with capacity of about 600.
If you reserved for other games you need to do it again if you want to be assured of seats, because I expect alot of walk-ins. And I want to protect my regulards who were with me throughout this season and the previous 20 seasons…

The buffet menu is the next post. It’s a feast, and INCLUDES GRATUITY. You will eat well, you deserve it.

The prizes we are giving out will be detailed soon, and they are FREE GIVEAWAYS and pretty high end. No maney involved.
And there are other surprises for you.

Let’s enjoy this week knowing we are one of the best teams in football right now. Of course you know we’ll lose, 117-5.

Reservations, etc: paul@tampadelphia.com FB just unleashed 65 new notifications on me that we created by you the last 6 weeks. Thanks guys….

Tampadelphia is the biggest and best Eagles group in the TB area, thanks to you fellow diehards.

THANK YOU for a terrific season!
Go Eagles!