Welcome to the 2015 Philadelphia Eagles season!

Heeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy Eagles diehards!

We’re BACK!!  Big and better with **ALOT** of changes!!

NEW PLACE:  Crowne Plaza Hotel on Kennedy between the Westshore Mall and the Howard Frankland Bridge


1.  Bigger venue, 350++ all the time, every time.  Bigger rooms available for when we make the playoffs!

2.  Better prices on food, beer, beverages, making it more affordable to come out and enjoy the game with us!  Full kitchen with chefs as before, no line cook.  Individual orders, no buffet for now.

3.  More screens.  15 in the bar/lounge and giant screens in the large back room with stage, microphone and media gear.  This means better viewing for your game day.

4.  More servers.  We all know it’s a challenge but we planned, sectioned, and are ready for your orders.

5.  Same high quality rest rooms, clean, bright, comfortable so ladies and kids will know why this hotel wins the trophy within the Crowne Plaza for cleanliness and customer satisfaction.

6.  More parking, security, cold A/C, ….. and 100% Eagles fans!  Yep, we’re exclusive.

7.  Raffles and prizes are ready to go (if you choose to play)!

Join us.  Check us out, be impressed.  Stay and cheer with us this season, DIEHARDS most welcome!