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Eagles start the season on MNF!! Tampadelphia will be at our NEW LOCATION for the game. We moved from the Doubletree on Cypress to the Crowne Plaza on Kennedy. Larger capacity, lower prices on food and beverages, larger restrooms (clean and bright!), more TVs, more parking, 24/7 security, NO HEALTH CODE VIOLATIONS, Philly food menu and more. Come and cheer with us! When it’s playoff time you might be glad you did!

Why do I keep mentioning health code violations? So you, your kids and family don’t get sick. Disease is a serious problem. The Crowne Plaza has standards that exceed Hills. County’s. So does the Doubletree. But a locally owned dive bar may not. You have to check. Stay away from dirty bars touted by imaginary characters with many health code violations.

What’s your family’s health worth? Here’s one site with a local bar and the many violations (128 over these 12 inspections!!).You decide if this is your kind of place for your family.



You might want to know that the Crowne Plaza and the Doubletree were NEVER closed for health code violations. Tampadelphia wants cleanliness for our Eagles fans. A local bar with many violations touted by a spamming cartoon character was CLOSED Feb. 2015. Do you really want to eat there? I’d go elsewhere! Here’s the data, note Feb. 19 and 20 2015, note it says “facility closed”:





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