Eagles – Bucs

Where to begin…how about what do we have?

Same steady QB with Sammy. Changes at OL, RB and WR.  Three decent TEs which may see a lot of multiple sets using these guys.

Same DL, oretty much, gaps at LB, strength at DB.

New OC.  New DC.  New HC.

Bucs have a gamer in QB Winston.  He signed a mega-deal last season and has a laser-like focus on learning, practicing, studying and becoming a top NFL QB.  He’s doing what McNabb SHOULD have done.

The OL is a ?.  The D seems like they need help.

We can score on these guys, a lot.

Remember, it’s a pre-season game.  It does NOT count.  It’s a practice with hitting and pads to see guys so we can trim roster.  Expect vanilla.  Starters will leave after the first quarter.

Carson Wentz will play but expect little.  It takes 2 years for a QB to get comfortable and capable in the NFL, learning his OL, WRs, playbook, reading defenses, etc.  So be real and expect little.