Eagles vs Steelers 18 Aug. 16

Yo Tampadelphia!

“Game” #2 of the pre-season tonight.  Eagles-Steelers.

Stay home, no gathering tonight, not worth the 15 minutes we’d see the starters.

It’s the pre-season, it’s about the roster and “game” snaps.  Don’t expect much.  In fact, after last week’s game, expect less than last week.

Let’s see, what’s happened?

  •  our #1 draft pick and #3 QB got hurt.  Small rib break.  Back by the opener.  Right.
  •   our top OLman had a problem with a supplement that was approved by the NFLPA but banned by the NFL.  BAM!  Probable 10 game suspension.
  •   our newly acquired highly-rated OLman hurt his biceps.  He should miss a few.
  • we got a new WR from the NYG who carries off the field baggage but is tall.

There’s more but it’s a lot of “huh?” and “I’m not sure.”

So, settle back and enjoy what they’ll do, but stay real.