so about this season . . .

What the hell are they doing?  (taken from Ghostbusters 1)

New HC DP and new GM HR strip the team, add new talent, shake it up and go 4-0 in pre-season (read that as PRACTICE SCRUMS) (they’re not even games).

But . . .      Encouraging!

The D looks fierce and smart, the O looks like it’s coming together, then . . .

Goodbye QB Sammy!  Just when you were going to have a phenomenal year (IMHO).

Instead, we’re going with an untested rookie who’s already hurt, never played against a #1 defense and not had many reps with the starters.  So much for the timing Sammy had going with the new WRs, RBs. OL and TEs.

Goodbye DB Eric!  We’ll need your 6’1 size a lot this season in the nickel.

So we trade them for a 1 plus 4, and the 6’1″ DB in the land of 5’10 DBs gets only a 4th.

WTH, I’m only a fan.

But I understand risk.

So let me ask you . . . what was wrong with doing nothing?

Why go from a possible 8-8 with QB Sam to a now probable 4 win season?

Must be me.

Go Eagles!  Maybe I’ll start our Tampadelphia sessions with a prayer . . .