the family comes home

Whether you’re new to our group, new to Florida, or new to the Eagles, join us and feel at home watching the best green team/bird team in the NFL.

Focus:  not about an ego, not about money, not about chicken shit agendas from idiots, not about anything but . . . the game . . . the team . . . the game day experience.

We’re a 200 level club with passion, so yea we cuss, we yell, we moan but that’s football.  That’s part of being a passionate loyal fan.

We look down on nobody if they prefer a different experience.  But I want mom, dad, sis and the kids, it’s meant to be an escape and fun, even if the team struggles.  Then we watch plays, players and other things.

So bring your fun, your trivia and join us.  No money, no dues, nothing to buy unless you want to.  And . . . welcome home.