the Tuesday after the one they let get away

It’s true.

When we lose, we’re grouchy till Wednesday.  One day to go.

Anyway, I’m here to say that after letting it seep in and reading only 2 articles about the game, I’m of the opinion that Mathews’ fumble did not lose the game.  Neither did Wentz’s long ball interception.

HC Doug P lost the game.

The team was not ready to play this game.  They were not prepared.  Shame on DP.

The stiff D was still in the locker room the first half.  The O was anemic.

They woke up in the 2nd half.


….. DP still lost the game in 2 more ways:

  •  no challenges on bad calls/no calls like Reid
  • Andy Reid plays that start 5-8 yds behind the LOS and the RB has to work to get even and usually was down for a loss.

Wake up coach, dat sheeyit don’t work!

I am seeing flashbacks of Reid, and that’s very disturbing.

When you need 2 yards don’t make the RB go 10 yards to get it.  Run a draw, a trap, or QB sneak…he’s 6’5″, take 2 steps and fall down!


Rant over but I think DP will lose more games copying his only teacher.