we’re the 200 level

When you want to see the Eagles in comfort, with a great menu, food and beverage discounts, CLEAN venue, good service, 100% Eagles fans, large clean rest rooms, definitely Eagles-fan friendly, then Tampadelphia is your place.

Our focus is you.  After busting your gut all week against problems, workload, issues, morons, fools delay and everything else…..just give me 3 hours on the weekend to enjoy my team with some good food and great people.  So we do it for you.

You deserve it.  No bugs or roaches at our place, no county closures, no scams, no money for reservations, dues, cover fees……just fun.  Come in and relax at the level of your choice, whether it’s at the bar, at a high top or regular table, in comfy living room chairs or in the big room, we have a chair for you and your family.

Leave the drunks, brawls and 700 level guys at a dive bar.  This time, this is about you.  Yea, the food is a buck or two more, but it’s all fresh, not frozen.  The portions are big and the kitchen is clean, with real chefs in there.

Tampadelphia sets the standard, and has been since I coined it and got it going in 1993 when I moved down from Philadelphia, city of.

Tampadelphia is us, it’s for us. So, join us.

GO EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!