Tampadelphia buffet for Super Bowl at the Crowne Plaza

Tampadelphia diehards! Here’s our buffet. $25 per adult, $10 per child. Pay at the door upon arrival, You will be given a wristband for the buffet, and another from me if you reserved seats.

Buffet comes out at 5 pm and stays till 3rd qtr.
Unlimited refills. How do you beat this??

GRATUITY INCLUDED. What this means is if you had a $20 buffet like last time and added a tip you’d be at or close to the $25 this time.


Field Greens Salad with Assorted
Toppings and Dressings
Vegetable Tray
Herb Baked Chicken
Pasta Marinara
Cheese Steaks
Soft Pretzels & Cheese
House Made Chips & Ranch Dip
Cookies $25 plus tax


Domestic Beer Specials 5 x $15 Bottles
(Bud light, Yuengling, Miller lite, Coors lite)
Imports Beer Specials 5 x $18 Bottles
(Corona, Modelo, Blue Moon, Stella)

Drinks are additional. The buffets will be in the big ballroom only, so if you are in our usual bar area or Mojitos you’ll need to come get it and bring it back. Bartenders will also be in the corners of the ballroom like last time. You will need to get your drinks, as servers will focus on clearing tables.

Know what? You deserve this. We deserve this.
Go Eagles! Go Crowne Plaza! Go Tampadelphia!